Protect What Matters Most

Imagine that you're home in bed at night and there's a fire.

Your Smart Home Security System can sound the alarm.   While you're grabbing your kids and pets, it will call the fire department, turn on your lights, turn off your air conditioner to slow down the flames, and unlock your doors so help can get in and you can get out.

Home Security + Smart Home Technology = Life-Saving Protection!

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“Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Home Security Systems.”

I want my home to cool down before I arrive

Doorbell Camera

Outdoor Camera

Ping Camera

24x7 Video Recording

Smart Locks

Element Thermostat

Garage Door Control

24x7 Monitoring

“A one-stop-shop to building a smart home.”

Customized For You

Choosing the right options for your security is a big responsibility.  You have to find the right combination of technology, monitoring service, and placement in your home to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Our team is trained to help.  They will work with you to plan the best configuration for your needs.

Protect What Matters Most and contact Chattanooga's leading Vivint Smart Home Dealer today!

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